Farewell, Nate Dogg

March 16, 2011

Although I am in the process of reviewing The Dropkick Murphys’ latest album, something happened yesterday that stopped me in my tracks. Celebrity deaths happen every day, and usually I’ll see that it happened, think, “that’s sad,” and move on with my day. However, sometimes a celebrity’s death stops me in my tracks. Yesterday, at the early age of 41, legendary R&B/hip-hop artist  Nate Dogg died of yet unknown causes. However, it was probably due to a stroke, as he has suffered strokes in recent years.

Although Nate Dogg did foray into a solo career, his bread and butter was singing hooks for hip-hop jams. While some had criticized him for being merely a “hook-singer,” I believe that he was an invaluable asset to music who will be sorely missed. Although less present in music in recent years (possibly due to health reasons), Nate Dogg enjoyed a long career being featured on various jams of rap superstars ranging from 2Pac to Dr. Dre to Eminem. He provided hooks on songs ranging from club bangers to love songs to street jams. The bass of his hypnotic voice serenaded listeners for years, and he was a fundamental part of the shimmering G-funk sound so prevalent in the ’90s. This is a sad moment in hip-hop, as we have lost yet another one of the great voices that propelled hip-hop to new heights and exposure.

R.I.P. Nate Dogg; you are already missed.

Photo acquired from Google Images

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